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Bye bye blue

In December myself and my boyfriend moved into our new home – a one bed Victorian basement flat in Crystal Palace, South London. I loved it for it’s original features (including a lovely curved wall in the bedroom), massive garden (for London) and we have our own front door at last! The downsides to the flat are that it hadn’t been touched for years. Dirty grey carpets, damp problems, badly made mdf cupboards – and blue walls. Everywhere. These had to go. So we tackled the blue bedroom first.

Mid way through ripping up the carpets…ImageImage

And after..


Bed linen Ikea

Next month I’m planning on painting the walls a lovely gray, with crisp white woodwork, and we are going to attempt to sand the floorboards! I can’t wait. For now, at least the bedroom is a blank white canvas ready for the next round of decoration.

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