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Growing our own

The best thing about our new flat is the garden. After the last two years living in a purpose built top floor flat with not even a window box, a private outside space in London is something I had really missed. So when we moved in December, I had already been thinking about things I wanted to grow, and eat. Because for me, the opportunity to grow veg is the most exciting bit. I like knowing no nasty things have gone into it, plus it’s better for us and for the planet.

So a few weeks ago we built ourselves a veggie patch. The garden is North East facing so it’s sunniest spot is at the bottom of the garden, so that was decided as the best place for it. I spent hours digging over the soil – I don’t think it had ever seen the sunlight, as the fallen leaves on the ground were four inches deep. This made for fantastic soil underneath, but took a lot of work to clear and dig over.

We bought six mini railway sleepers, to make a 9 x 3 foot raised bed, and bolted them together in position, then filled with compost.

To finish it off and stop our neighbours cats climbing all over it, I got some thick wire and bent it into semi circles over the bed, and covered it with mesh. Veggie patch done! It looks great and wasn’t expensive at all to make.

It’s still early Spring, so the only things growing in it at the moment are garlic and shallots. Our windowsill however is full of stuff I’ve started from seed in the hopes that it will all grow and be moved eventually outside. Not sure how successful this will be as it’s all new to me, but fingers crossed we will be enjoying the fruits of our labour over the next few months.

Check out the pics, I’ll keep you posted as to how it all goes. And if anyone has any advice for a first time veg grower then get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Growing our own”

  1. Looks like you really don’t need any expert advise as you are doing just fine. I see some Lavender there – I love the smell of Lavender when you brush past it – you can even make some Lavender water for your laundry and have things smelling lovely! Great job…keep up the good work. 🙂

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