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East London Furniture

I stumbled across the website of East London Furniture the other day, and had to share it with you. They make furniture from 100% recycled materials in a warehouse in Über cool London’s East End.


Whilst I love the concept of furniture made from scrap materials, often the design is compromised, but not so with these guys!


All materials used are salvaged from waste, meaning that most materials used in their products have been diverted from landfill. And they look good! I especially love this floor lamp – the body is made from oak reclaimed from a door frame.






All photos from East London Furniture. Have a look at their lovely site here.

4 thoughts on “East London Furniture”

  1. Fabulous…i just love their work……there is so much waste here too with old houses being knocked down and not everything is salvaged…such a shame ….love their backdrop too !

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