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So, following on from my post Narrow Thinking, my boyfriend just emailed me a picture of how our hallway is looking this afternoon, halfway through the plaster getting hacked off ready for damp proofing. And how cool does the exposed brickwork look?! Now the question is, should we replaster or leave the bricks on show..?

I need some inspiration on how exposed brick walls can work, so I can decide!

Decisions, Decisions!

Images 1-7 the shoot factory. Image 8 Bright Bazaar


4 thoughts on “Exposed!”

  1. As someone who had to paint the brick wall in my kitchen because they looked so horrible I would say KEEP THE BRICK! Yours look gorgeous from what I can tell in the photo and If I had that to work with I would have kept mine. I love the look without plaster. (just my opinion)
    Your blog is really nice. I loved looking through.

    1. Thanks, really pleased you like my blog. I was amazed how good the brickwork was in the hallway when all the plaster had come off, I will post more images up soon! Painted brick walls look great too.

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