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Inspired by a beautiful piece of paper cut artwork my friend was given on her hen do last weekend, this post pays homage to the delicate use of laser cutting in design for the home. The Rob Ryan laser cut artworks above would make a sentimental present for someone you love, or a thoughtful wedding present. Rob Ryan, £84 each.

This lovely curtain can be hung over a wire or pole and is a piece of art in itself. Until Dawn Curtain.

This Norwegian Forest Light by Cathrine Kullberg Lighting shows a deep pine forest with animals in light and shade. When lit, the blonde birch veneer shines with a warm glow, and the delicately cut forest motif allows white light to filter out between the trees. Gorgeous!

I very nearly bought this rug a few weeks ago, then decided that as pretty as it is, I think I would worry if anyone actually walked on it! But it is still very cool. Stella Felt Rug by Michelle Mason, £350.

Ikea PS Rug, available in the UK May 1st 2012.

The Ricami (Ricami is the Italian name for embroidery) laser-cut metal stool by Arktura explores the relationship between fashion and architecture. It would look great as a mini bed side table.

This bowl by artist Talia Abraham has taken the ancient art of lace making and etched it onto the finest stainless steel. I love how it’s made in an industrial material but looks so delicate. The Kimmy Collection.


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