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Wardrobe 0, Me 1

Shiny Ikea wardrobe – I would like this in white

This weekend I had a fight with the built in wardrobes in our bedroom. It was a close-run contest, but after many hours of hammering, swearing and falling off a chair, I won!

Built in wardrobe – before
Part way through ripping out the wardrobes
Nearly gone!
Stuart filling in the many holes in the wall

So the horrible MDF wardrobes are no more. I cannot wait to get some order in the room with some shiny new white wardrobes from Ikea. We also want to put in a reclaimed fireplace or at least a hole in the wall to make a feature of some sort. But firstly, we need to sand and stain the original pine floorboards, which to be honest, I am not looking forward to. I have done this once before in my old house, and it is messy, dusty and very noisy. But it will be worth it I hope!




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