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Prints please

Parts of our flat are almost at the point where I can hang up some artwork. I love prints that use pretty typography (it keeps the graphic designer bit of me happy)…

Dan Stiles Poster

Dan Stiles

Silk Screen Limited Edition Prints by Dan Stiles

Etsy print

Joy Ride, Every Ride Limited Edition Screen Print by Mary Kate McDevitt

Popcorny Silkscreen Print, £30, at Unlimited editions. I think I need to have this! I love the whale hiding in the sea.

Hey Smile Print, by me! at Modern Maggie

O Happy Day Letterpress Print, at Unlimited editions.

And for kids bedrooms…

Hoot Print, at Unlimited editions.

Abc poster, byGraziela. This was originally designed by Graziela Preiser in 1972, I love it!

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4 thoughts on “Prints please”

  1. These are all great! Love the Decemberists. I’m a fan of course… but also a fan of graphic concert posters. Are you getting one or two or all of these? 🙂 I could only hope so.

  2. I love these! My fav is the Popcorny print–I may need to look into adding some of these to my place for some extra color 🙂

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