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Growing our own update

Everything seems to have suddenly gone crazy in our garden. We’ve had so much rain it’s resembling a mini jungle at the moment, but at least things are growing, including things in the vegetable patch. This is the first time I’ve attempted to grow my own food, so it’s all new to me.

I hadn’t realised just how much things have changed in the veggie patch until I just looked at my previous blog post, when we built the raised beds in March. It’s doing ok I think!

Most successful at the moment are the mangetout – they are really happy and I’ve picked three bowlfuls of lovely crunchy peas so far..

Courgette plant – not growing much but not dying or getting eaten either!

Pak Choi

Spring onions

Shallots and garlic – apparently nearly ready to harvest when the tops flop over like this – can’t wait to dig them up!

A few months ago we built a rustic runner bean trellis behind the raised bed, made with branches from our tree and garden string. It seems to be doing the job now, the runner beans are happily climbing up it.

But they are getting eaten by snails – very annoying! Hopefully they will stay alive though…

Strawberries are growing!

Tomato plants

Herb window box

And I thought I would try to grow a few unusual things, like Edamame beans…

And Mouse melons (These apparently are a cross between mini melons and mini cucumbers)…

And some lovely flowers are growing too!

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Growing our own


3 thoughts on “Growing our own update”

  1. That looks amazing!! What’s your bean secret? My pole beans grew to the height of bush beans and they’re well, not very pole like. Yours look awesome (snails schmails!)

  2. Vickie, everything looks so healthy and happy. The peas are lovely models for your photographs!
    (Which by the way are amazing!) How are you eating these… whole pods or just peas? The bean trellis is SUPER cool.. great job. We’ve only planted bush beans but had great luck with them. Fresh green beans almost every night. It’s amazing how much food you get, isn’t it?!
    Congrats on a delightful, delicious… and delovely garden! 🙂

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