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Urban Outfitters Furniture

As much as I love Urban Outfitters for their fashion, I usually ignore the small home section full of cute but often pointless stuff to clutter my already full flat. Now though, they’ve extended their range into furniture and other homeware, and from what I can see in the lookbook, it looks pretty cool.

It’s mostly midcentury inspired and a little bit kitsch. I think their soft furnishings look especially good, and I love the bright pops of retro colours.

retro style sofa day bed pretending to be an eames cair slide_uk_04 slide_uk_05 slide_uk_09 slide_uk_07 slide_uk_08 5532400124248_Black_z1 5532400124245_Black_z1

Take a look at the new Urban Outfitters furniture range here.


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