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Thinking bigger

We’ve been living in our one bed Victorian basement flat in South East London for almost 2 years now. We’ve been renovating the interior on and off during this time, and it’s unrecognisable from the sorry state it was in when we first moved in. But the space is still small. And we have A LOT of stuff… but we have a big garden.


So we are thinking about an extension! Very exciting stuff. This is what the back of our flat looks like currently (our awful kitchen is crammed into that little existing extension).

Rear of property

Our amazingly talented architect has drawn up some plans for us. Our flat would go from a one bed to a 2 bed. The bedroom has been designed so the bed can fold into the wall when we don’t need it, and the wall between the open plan kitchen and bedroom can slide away too, making a bigger space for day to day use. There is an internal Japanese Garden which is in place due to existing drainage etc, and also will provide more light into the flat.The lounge and kitchen will become one big space, with enough room for a dining area overlooking the garden.

These are the plans so far, drawn up by Klas Hyllen Architect

130812_PLANNING-8 130812_PLANNING-20 130812_PLANNING-21 130812_PLANNING-23


I’m really excited about the possibility of this, I’ll keep updating as and when things progress. In the meantime I’ll be looking for some lovely inspirational images of modern extensions!

All images copyright of Klas Hyllen Architect


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