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I am a bit late in sharing this news with you all, but my husband and I are expecting our first baby! Baby Robinson is due early September. We have chosen not to find out if baby R is a boy or girl – although most bets are on boy at the moment. We’re really excited, it’s a crazy whirlwind time and I’m sure that will continue once baby is here! Here’s me and bump at 34 weeks…



So over the last few months we have started to ‘nest’ and sort our flat out ready for the little one. Unfortunately our plans to extend the back of the house are on hold due to a shortage of both time and money. So, amongst other things, we’ve decided to tackle the last major job in our home – replacing our kitchen. It’s not ideally what we’d want to do as eventually we want to extend, but with baby on the way we couldn’t live with our horrible kitchen any longer! My husband Stuart is a teacher and has finished for the summer, so he’s fitting it all. There’s only 4 weeks left until my due date, so we’re doing all this quite late but luckily Stuart is amazing at DIY and in 1 week has done most of the major elements in the room. It’s all the fiddly bits left now really. I will post up pics of the kitchen when it’s complete, but in the meantime here’s the progress so far…

Our kitchen before
Our kitchen before
Mid way through ripping it out. A new boiler has been installed.
Mid way through ripping it out. A new boiler has been installed.
Cleared out and now it's white
Cleared out and now it’s white
Units going in
Units going in
Getting there!
Getting there!

The units are from Ikea and are white gloss beneath the blue film. We’ll tile the splashback white also, and I’m hoping to have a grey or wooden floor. I cannot wait for it to be finished!


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