Our midcentury living room

When we finally completed on our 1960’s house in August, we knew we had some major work to do. The house had the original wiring, including no fitted sockets which fit our ‘modern’ plugs – it still had the old mini plug sockets – and there were no ceiling lights anywhere in the house.

There was a dodgy basic central heating system which didn’t really work, including a strange low level heating system running along the length of the living and dining room walls which was really ugly, and a huge old boiler in the cupboard in the lounge, next to the fireplace (not ideal!)

We had a whole new central heating system fitted in the house and it was rewired throughout. I think the masses of old wiring and lighting gave our electrician a headache, especially as I insisted on zero damage to any of the original wooden walls and that I wanted the original sixties lighting to still work! Our plumber also removed an old gas fire which was covering up the original open fireplace.

The lounge area before
The lounge area after electrics and plumbing work completed

We then moved back in and had a long few weeks of stripping wallpaper on walls and ceilings in the lounge and playroom and removing the coving.

Next up, we have had all the Crittall windows and patio doors replaced. It’s a shame because the Crittall steel windows looked great as the frames are so slim, but being single glazed and 50 years old they were cold and draughty. We opted for anthracite aluminium windows and we love them.

We were against the clock due to Christmas so we had the lounge plastered but we’ve only managed to paint one coat of white. There’s still a new floor to put in, finishing the wooden walls with edging strips, more painting and ceiling lighting to fit.

Here’s some pictures of our lounge at the moment, looking a lot more like a midcentury modern house! I love how the new windows frame the views.


What do you think?

Now it’s a new year I’m excited about all the new house projects we are going to start (and hopefully finish!) – I can’t wait.


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