Thinking bigger

We’ve been living in our one bed Victorian basement flat in South East London for almost 2 years now. We’ve been renovating the interior on and off during this time, and it’s unrecognisable from the sorry state it was in when we first moved in. But the space is still small. And we have A … More Thinking bigger

Mid-century living

If I lived here I would never go out. I mean it. I’d get food ordered in and have parties around the pool every day. This home is in Nottingham, England, and is mid-century interior inspiration at its best…         All images Shoot Factory

Growing our own

The best thing about our new flat is the garden. After the last two years living in a purpose built top floor flat with not even a window box, a private outside space in London is something I had really missed. So when we moved in December, I had already been thinking about things I wanted … More Growing our own