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Floorboards – done.

sanded original floorboards

Work has been crazy the last few weeks so I am sharing these pictures later than I wanted to. But the sanding of the bedroom floorboards is done! It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be – just noisy and took a while, but it was worth it. Following advice from bloggers and friends, we have gone for a clear satin varnish as a finish. It doesn’t show dust and is probably the best for me as I do get bored with things quite quickly, so this should be (fairly) timeless!

These lovely floorboards were hidden under horrible grey carpet when we moved in…

sanding original floorboards

The first sand!

sanded floorboards before varnish

Before the varnish

sanded original floorboards


We need to paint the woodwork and radiator still – but the room is SO much better. I love bringing original features back to life with some TLC (and heavy duty sanding equipment!)

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8 thoughts on “Floorboards – done.”

  1. OH VICKI, it’s BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations on a job well done. I’m just blown away. I know how much work this was and you guys really did great. I’m really happy you chose not to stain and just clear coat. I think you’ll be so much happier not having to constantly fret over it. How about that edger? Did it kill your back? Every one we’ve ever used weighed like 500 pounds. (ugh)
    Such a professional job… really!

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