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Sanded floorboards

We have finally finished sanding the rest of the floorboards in our flat! The whole flat now has the original floorboards on show, and it’s looking so much better. We even sanded the bathroom floor, to keep a flow of flooring throughout. As the flat isn’t very big, this makes it feel more spacious.

The boards were in worse condition in our lounge than our bedroom, which we sanded a few months ago, but they’ve come up pretty well now.

floor before sanding

The lounge flooring before we started sanding.

sanded floorboards natural varnish

The lounge flooring sanded and varnished.

Now we just need to paint the woodwork and get the furniture back in. I’ll post more pictures soon!


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2 thoughts on “Sanded floorboards”

  1. I am so jealous. Those are my dream floors. My grandparents in Europe have the old wood like yours in their country farm house and to this day I dream of owning a house with floors like yours.
    Great work!

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