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Our dream midcentury home

When we started the search for our family home earlier this year, our brief was we wanted a 1960’s house which hadn’t been touched since the sixties. We love midcentury design, but all of the houses we went to look around had been stripped of all their sixties quirkiness and features. Then one day on rightmove I saw a house pop up. It was 1960’s loveliness, huge, lovely garden, in the right area… I called my husband up and excitedly told him it was ‘the one!’

So on the open day surrounded by 40 other people who wanted to buy it to rip everything out and modernise it, Stuart and I went home gutted that it probably wouldn’t be ours because of how many other people wanted it too. We were told sealed bids had to be in a couple of days later. We had SO MANY discussions about how much to offer, what we should write in the letter, were we offering too much, too little? Agony!!!


We picked up the keys a couple of days ago. We’ve been clearing it out of all the stuff left in it, but it’s finally starting to look empty and ready for us to move our stuff in.

The lounge
The lounge
The fireplace
The fireplace



We need to sort out the plumbing and electrics first, then get rid of the pink walls and carpets! But the bones of the house are so amazing. It’s such an exciting project, and I’ll post lots of updates on this blog. Happy weekend everyone!

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